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Hi, this is my educational research site dedicated mainly to traditional music. Currently I'm working on US and Canadian versions of the Child Ballads (click Bluegrass Lyrics>Ballads> 305 Child Ballads). The Child Ballad section (the 305 Child ballads) is way over 10,000 pages! Also check out my books and articles (Click Roots> Roots; Old-time Folk & Bluegrass and related Books- it's near the bottom of left hand column). Anyone who wants to help do research on this site; edit; or just comment please- contact me: Richiematt7@gmail.com I do this research for you! If you want to help me please do; you can make a donation or a suggestion, share some lyrics. I want to thank you for using and sharing this research - this site is dedicated to you and all who have shared their songs through the ages. Carry on!

Richard L. Matteson Jr. 2014

   [Below is my painting of Tenbrooks and Molly: which is exhibited at the Country Music Hall-of-Fame Museum in Kentucky]

Painting by Richard L. Matteson Jr. of Molly and Tenbrooks, the song that created the bluegrass genre. To see all of Richard's "Bluegrass Series" Paintings: http://www.mattesonart.com/bluegrass-series.aspx Comments, donations, or to contact Richard: Richiematt7@gmail.com

Richard Matteson, Earl Skruggs, Doc Watson and Ricky Skaggs before a concert in Winston-Salem NC

Above is Richard Matteson's new book, Acoustic Music Source Book, published in October 2010. Available now from Mel Bay Publications 1-800-863-5229 or Amazon.com The book has the melody, history (origin), lyrics and chords of over 200 bluegrass and old-time songs.


Richard Matteson's Bluegrass Picker's Tunebook. Matteson is the founder and current guitarist of the Bluegrass Messengers, now in Port St. Lucie, FL. Bluegrass Picker's Tunebook, still in print, was published by Mel Bay in May 2006. It features the melody, history (origin), lyrics and chords of 213 bluegrass songs. Also has an introduction detailing the bluegrass style and history. Available still from Mel Bay Publications 1-800-863-5229

Bluegrass Messengers Play with Doc Watson in Eden NC